Sunday, 31 August 2008

At last - a finish to shout about!

Finally I have a finish to shout about! This lovely little design is called "Snow Fence" and is by Raise the Roof Designs. I first started it on a train journey to Bolton last October and it wasn't untl I had almost finished the middle snowman/fencepost that I realised I was stitching it wrong. The designer had recommended that for the fence the rows be stitched vertically rather than horizontally - and of course I was stitching in the wrong direction! I moved onto the next snowman and stitched the scarf and then I put it away and didn't pick it up again ... until last week when I was looking for something simple to stitch while I was in hospital. Hospitals must be the most ideal places for stitching - it certainly helps the very long days pass very quickly! I was only "incarcerated" for 2 days but in that time I managed to stitch the two right hand snowmen and frog out and re-stitch most of the middle snowman. Once I got home I just kept going and I finally finished the cross stitched part last night. Of course by then I couldn't wait to get the whole thing finished so I did all the backstitching and french knots and then placed all the buttons - and just before midnight it was done! I'm really pleased with the result and will have to look around for a nice little frame so that it will be ready to hang when I am decorating the house for Christmas.
My stitching was helped considerably last night by Andy winning his match at the US Open - although he did take it to 5 sets and I had a bit of a numb bum by the end of it! Over on one of the other courts, brother Jamie won his 2nd round mixed doubles match so the Murrays are still flying the Saltire in New York!
I have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow when I will have the clips removed (they've been holding me together after my operation) and then I can hopefully start to get back to normal properly. I heard on Friday that my departmental colleague, Margaret, had quit because she claimed there was too much work for her to do. Considering that I worked for 3 people before she started and was helping out in another department, I can't quite see what the problem was. All she had to do was ask for a bit of help - or at least ask Iain and Finlay to sort out between themselves what work got priority. I guess it means they will be hoping that I will be back at my desk sooner than anticipated - however, I will wait and see what the doctor says tomorrow. I am feeling physically ok but the clips are quite uncomfortable so I won't be sorry to see their removal!
So, having got a nice finish under my belt I have spent today stitching on the mermaid. She's got half an arm now and is coming along nicely. She's such a beautiful design and I am impatient to really get moving on her. Will do an update on her next time.
Thanks for popping in!
Love n' hugs,
Ally xxx

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MysteryKnitter said...

Aw, I am glad you were able to stitch. My lilac project goes pretty well. At least 1/4 is done, if not more. When I say done, I mean stitched. And when the last stitch has found its' place, it's time for me to step out and my trustworthy framer to step in. But that phase won't come for a while yet.