Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Crazy January Challenge

Yes - I admit it I am a sucker for a challenge.  When I first heard about this one I thought no way and then I thought well maybe, and before I knew it I had signed up.  To be honest I haven't chosen all of my projects yet, and I will be cheating ever so slightly because they will be a mixture of completely new and already started WIPs, but the aim is to try and get most if not all of them finished by 31st December 2011.  So (deep breath) here goes with my first update - Days 1 to 4:-

For my first project I have chosen "The Needlework Shop" by Country Cottage Needleworks.  I've had the chart kitted up for a while courtesy of an exchange in Friendly Stitchers, and I have been looking for a good excuse to get it started so here it is.  I love how it is coming along and can't wait to get back to it.  I have  another CCN chart I plan to do for this challenge, one which I got at Harrogate this year - I just have to decide on my fabric for that one.

My second project is "Bring on the Snow" by Waxing Moon.  From what I can remember I bought the chart in 2009 at Harrogate (I think but I could be wrong lol) and kitted it up some time ago but just hadn't had a chance to start it.  Any excuse eh?  Anyway - here's my progress so far.  Anyone how knows me knows I love snowmen - as long as they are of the stitched variety of course!

For my third project I am doing "Blackberry Jam" by The Sweetheart Tree.  Again I bought this at Harrogate in 2009 and have taken it out a couple of times, looked at it and then put it back in the basket.  This time however, it stayed out and I love working on it.  Another one I can't wait to get back to - and it has the right mixture of cross stitch, speciality stitches and beading too.

My fourth project is "Royal Blossoms 2007" by Just Nan.  This one was a surprise gift from DJ a couple of months ago and I loved it the moment I saw it, and having now seen the finished article I can't wait to do more on this lovely piece.  As soon as I had decided to do the challenge this one was top of my list!

Well that's my progress so far - I am back at work as of today so the next few projects will be already started WIPs so that I don't have to mess around with getting everything together and sorted.  Time is limited in the evenings unfortunately :(  I'll post an update of those towards the weekend.

I am really enjoying this challenge so far - thanks for reading and for all the encouragement!


Ally xxx


Gillie said...

Well done, that girl! You CAN do it!

Mouse said...

WOOOOO HOOOO well done that girl :) all looking lovely and I think I might have to sneak that last pattern once you've stitched it heheheh.
keep up the good work ... love mouse xxxx

Loretta said...

Well done, on your first 4. I look forward to seeing what next ones will be.

Val said...

Well done so far Ally - I love the blackberries !


Val said...

Well done so far Ally - I love the blackberries .... x

hazel said...

Love them all Ally especially the Royal Blossom.

Look forward to seeing your progress.

Hazel C (UK)

tjdesignsncrafts said...

well done Ally, i've now got 3 started, hope to post some pics (if it's easy enough to do, otherwise i'll be shouting for help lol)on my blog tomorrow.

take care


DJ said...

Oh Ally, they look wonderful! (I'm glad you liked the kit I's hard to judge someone's taste sometimes!). Keep on keeping on, it's going to be a great year of finishes for all of us!! *Hugs*

Tricia said...

All your starts are wonderful!! Won't it be fun to go back and work on them all throughout the year! It's a great jump-start!!

Vicky L said...

Ally, You are doing great! keep it up Your stitching is beautiful

nancy-lou said...

You're mad love, but good luck with them all!! I really look forward to seeing them progress. Keep it up!! Love Nancy >:o)

Rita said...

You're off to a great start. Enjoy your challenge!

Joy said...

Go Ally!! LOL You will LOVE Needlework Shop when it is finished...I did it a couple of years ago. Keep stitching!!

Cheryl said...

Good luck with your challenge! Just found your blog, am also in the West of Scotland :-)

Maureen said...

Hey I am impressed! Lots of stitching going on there but dare i mention a certain word - bookmark!!! any update?

lynda said...

These are all great starts Ally! I know you'll be able to finish them problem!

By the way, do you remember, many years ago, when we were part of a SAL doing "Lady Scarlet's Journey"? I know it was a long time ago...anyway, I never did get very far with it and have put it on my list of UFOs to finish this year. I'd love to know when I started it though! Can you help? (I'm sure you finished yours long ago!)

lenna said...

So beautiful all of them. I am especially looking forward to Poppyfield Lane and the snowman. I too, love, love, love Snowmen. I live in Waco, Tx. and it doesn't snow here much. But when it does if I have a chance I build a snowman. I will be back to see your progress. I should join this challenge I would at least get something stitched this year.
Your stitching is so nice and neat Ally.
God Bless ~